Draconis Elite Strike Teams

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Draconis Elite Strike Team
Unit Profile (as of [[]])
Nickname Sword of the Void[1]
Parent Formation ISF
Formed ca. 2457

The Draconis Elite Strike Teams (DEST) are the Draconis Combine's chief special forces units, although not the only ones. An elite corps of commandos trained in every branch of the military (from piloting a BattleMech to operating a JumpShip), they follow the tenets of the ancient ninja.[2] DEST commandos typically consist of Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery MechWarriors seconded to serve as the direct action component of the Internal Security Force.[3]

Although all DEST personnel are trained MechWarriors, they do not necessarily pilot 'Mechs. DEST commandos frequently operate as infantry units or infiltrators.

DEST teams are formed for individual missions and are apparently numbered sequentially. Known numbers include DEST One and DEST Two in 2461, and DEST 6654 in 3056.


DEST commando in uniform (c.3025)

The DEST organisation existed as early as 2457,[4] but DEST One was only deployed in 2461 against the BattleMech factories on Hesperus II in an attempt to steal the construction plans. This attempt failed and the entire team was killed, but shortly afterwards DEST Two succeeded in stealing BattleMech plans from the Lyran Commonwealth's 'Mech factory at Coventry.[4]

DEST members are trained among other abilities as Mechwarriors, and can be considered an Elite force. One DEST Team (Sword of the Void) was assigned during the Fourth Succession War to Crossing to decapitate Wolf's Dragoons. They landed in the middle of the Dragoons position and helped Kuritan units to regain their composure and keep pressuring the Wolf's Dragoons. The unit was destroyed, but not before destroying fourteen mechs, killing among them Captain Cameron Jaime Wolf's executive officer and nearly defeating Natasha Kerensky and Jaime Wolf himself.

Following the Clan Invasion the ISF was tipped off to ComStar's Operation Scorpion by Sharilar Mori. With enough advanced warning, the ISF deployed the DEST teams to take control of the HPG stations throughout the Draconis Combine before ROM was able to solidify their hold on them. Following the success of this mission, Coordinator Theodore Kurita ordered the ISF to locate the Clan Homeworlds, necessitating the deployment of agents throughout the Clan Occupation Zones. A majority of the agents deployed belonged to DEST.[5]

In 3056, the Draconis Combine Admiralty commandeered the civilian JumpShip Telendine to carry DEST 6654 from Salford. The JumpShip, its attached DropShip and the DEST team vanished in a jump accident. DEST 6654 was composed of at least twelve operatives, but their 'Mech contingent was an attached mercenary lance and not organic.[6]

In 3058 the head of the DEST, General Hohira Kiguri, disappeared soon after an attempt was made on Coordinator Theodore Kurita's life. It is believed that General Kiguri was a member of the Kokuryu-kai as he was a long-time opponent of the Coordinator's policies.[7]


DEST commandos use a wide array of equipment for their missions, including KA-23 Subguns, Vibrokatanas and Circle-Vision Visors. They are perhaps most famous for the DEST Infiltration Suit, though once it became available Kage Battle Armor largely replaced these suits for field work. Besides 'Mechs, DEST teams make use of other vehicles such as Koryu submersibles and Peacekeeper VTOLs.

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]

The DEST color scheme is black and silver[1]


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