DEST Infiltration Suit

DEST Infiltration Suit in motion


A DEST Infiltration Suit is a type of Sneak Suit used by DEST operatives during espionage and other operations. Although the design has gone through variations over the centuries, especially since the fall of the Star League, both the original and the 3062 version share the same capabilities.[1]

The suit is woven with a black synthetic Kevlar fiber for protection against shrapnel and other low-velocity weapons. To reduce the wearer's infrared signature, within the synthetic fiber is a layer of thermo-conductive mesh that absorbs and radiates body heat evenly into the surrounding atmosphere. Also included is extreme weather insulation and body monitors which detect the wearer's vital signs.[1]

The suit is completed by a faceplate which incorporates a high-resolution video screen capable of infrared vision as well as anti-glare measures. A miniature computer and sensor system presents the wearer with a 360-degree field of view.[1]

Rules s[edit]


  • Item: DEST Infiltration Suite[1]
  • Equipment Rating: D/E/E
  • Armor Value: 2/4/5/2
  • Coverage: Full
  • Cost: 50,000
  • mass: 9kg
  • notes: Power Use: 1/15 minutes


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