Dale Ortega

Dale Ortaga
Died 3133
Affiliation House Ortaga
Parents Sergio Ortega (father)
Siblings Austin Ortega

Dale Ortega (b. 3??? - d. 3133) is the first born son of Sergio Ortega and was first in line to inherit the governorship of Mirach.

Character Description[edit]

Dale stands at 195 centimeters tall with a full thick crop of black hair, unlike his father and brother. He also has the kind of looks that gets him all the attention. [1]

Character History[edit]

Through training and perseverance, Dale was able to rise through the ranks of the First Cossack Lancers, the personal bodyguard of the governor, and become a Lieutenant. Once he found the love of his life, he decided to resign his commission from the unit in order to start being groomed as a future leader[2].

When his father decided to transfer his personal guard to join with the planetary defense force, both of the Ortega brothers would become aides to the governor to help them learn that any conflict can be ended with diplomacy and not fighting.

With his love dead from a tragic "accident," Dale went on a spree proclaiming that she died because of information that she knew[3]. He was going to find out who did it and why, no matter what the cost.

With the newly arrived envoy of Duke Aaron Sandoval, Jarome Parsons, a game was to take place between the FCL and the defense force for it would be the last time with the imminent transfer of the FCL forces. The game was set up by Legate Tortellini. Dale, wanting to be with his unit till the end, decided to participate in the game for it would be his last chance to participate in a fight, real or simulated, with his future grooming to become governor.


Dale was killed during a war game that was taking place to impress the envoy with the strength of the planetary defense force. A Condor shot live ammunition, instead of the paint ammunition that was being used for the game, at the Mobile HQ that Dale was commanding. The blast pushed the vehicle over the cliff killing all inside.[4]


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