Damien Redburn

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At age of 60 in 3145
Damien Redburn
Born 3085
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
House Redburn
Exarch of the Republic
Parents Theodore Redburn (father)

Damien Redburn (b. 3085[1] [2] - d. ????) was the second Exarch of The Republic of the Sphere.

Character History[edit]

Born on Northwind, Damien hailed from a family with a long history of serving the Republic, with his great-grandfather Andrew Redburn and father Theodore Redburn both helping to mold the Republic in its infancy. A bright student, Damien would continue his family's legacy of service to the Republic when he joined Republic Armed Forces. Assigned to the Republic's Capellan border, Damien distinguished himself with his defense of Palos against raiders in 3109 earning him a promotion to the rank of Major and a transfer to the famed Stone's Liberators. [1] [2]

During the Capellan Crusades, Damien Redburn would fight with Stone's Liberators on Styk and Sarna. With the RAF forces on Sarna put on the defensive following the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces April 3113 counter-invasion, after the Liberator's CO Colonel Edwards was killed by a CCAF airstrike, Redburn was thrust into command of both the unit and the RAF defense of the city of Rajput. Brevet Colonel Redburn would lead the Liberators against the forces of Warrior House Imarra, the battle ending in stalemate with neither side able to overcome the other. Unfortunately the battles elsewhere on Sarna did not go well for the Republic, with both Stone's Pride and Stone's Revenants forced to pull back by late May, leaving the Liberators the sole RAF unit on the planet. Outnumbered and outgunned but recognizing how close Capellan were to folding, Redburn fortified the Liberators position as he prepared for a new offensive before the Council of Paladins finally ordered him to withdraw the Liberators back to Republic space.[3] [4]

Heralded as a hero, Damien Redburn was awarded the Silver Cluster and inducted by Devlin Stone into the Knights of the Republic as a Paladin for his stellar service during the Sarna campaign. Stone would ultimately select Redburn as his eventual successor as Exarch.[1] [4] Made Exarch on the 10th of August 3130,[5] his reign as Exarch was plagued with dissent right from the beginning. Damien did not have the offsetting aura or forceful personality that Devlin did, which meant that most groups that did not like the Republic's policies came out. The Blackout of 3132 was something that Damien's career could never recover from. He would retire from the position of Exarch in 3134 and be replaced by Jonah Levin.[1] [4]

Shortly before the Republic raised the walls, Damien recruited a group of Republican Knights who were still loyal to the idea of what the Republic stood for and emigrated out of Prefecture X. Through his efforts, he has been able to create a haven of sorts for those who still believe in the Republic.[1] family and children: married to Sasha Korkova in 3122, whom he met a year earlier at Genoa by providing assistance to residents affected by the floods. adopted as a daughter Maggie Korkova.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Paladin the Republic

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Devlin Stone
Exarch of the Republic

Succeeded by
Jonah Levin


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