Danai Liao-Centrella

Danai Liao Centrella.jpg
Danai Liao-Centrella
Born: 6 June 3108[1]
Affiliation House Liao
House Centrella
Parents Daoshen Liao (father)
Ilsa Centrella (mother)

Danai Liao-Centrella (born 6th June, 3108[2]) was the daughter of Daoshen Liao and his sister Ilsa Centrella. This information was kept from her until she was in her late twenties. Until that time, she believed she was the third child of Sun-Tzu Liao and Naomi Centrella. She was named for Danai Centrella, sister of Naomi.


Early Life[edit]

When Danai was only three years old, she met her cousin Kai Allard-Liao on the planet of St. Ives. Kai sensed a form of kinship with the young Danai which he put in his will that she would be given possession of his famous 'Mech, Yen-Lo-Wang.[3]

Danai was raised on Canopus by her aunt Erde Centrella because Danai's mother had little interest in her.[3]

Solaris VII[edit]

In 3127, when she was only nineteen, she disappeared from the Capellan Confederation to reappear following Kai's footsteps as a warrior on Solaris VII piloting the infamous Yen-Lo-Wang. She did not have the skills to become a champion in the arena, but she was still devastated when her brother, Daoshen Liao, recalled her back to Sian to join the CCAF. She joined the 2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry and soon rose to command the third battalion.[3]

On Terra[edit]

In 3135, she joined her brother on Terra for the funeral of Victor Steiner-Davion. On the journey there, she unexpectedly met with Caleb Davion. They were traveling on the same JumpShip and initially chose to hide their identities from each other. They flirted off and on during the journey to Terra. They kept their distance from each other once they discovered the real identity of the other.

At the balls The Republic of the Sphere government held, she became very good friends with Oriente Protectorate noblewoman Nikol Marik, when she rescued Marik from the unwanted attention of Frederick Marik.

Danai Liao-Centrella

Proving herself[edit]

She was later recalled to fight on New Hessen, fighting for control of the planet in a three way battle between the Federated Suns and the Republic of the Sphere. In one fight, she lost her 'Mech in an encounter with Caleb Davion's M1 Marksman Tank and a Republican BattleMech. She able to rescue Caleb from the battlefield, where she and he were on the run for a couple weeks. During this time, Caleb turned on her and raped her. She managed to escape him and recover her precious Yeng-Lo-Wang. She was mentally haunted by the experience with Caleb's betrayal. She never shared the knowledge of this experience with anyone but her aunt and, later, her best friend Nikol.

Once she arrived on Liao to report in, she was promoted to Sao-shao, and given the command of 2nd MacCarron's Third Battalion in 3136. She traveled to Sian, where she received her new mission to conquer the worlds of Aldebaran and Zurich, and secure a treaty with Oriente Protectorate.


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