Dark Unit Insignia.png
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Jaguar Gypsies
Parent Formation None
Formed 3059
Disbanded 3067

The Dark was a military formation of former members of Clan Smoke Jaguar that survived Operation Bulldog.


After Operation Bulldog and the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar a large number of its former warriors made their way to Antallos. Although a few Clan renegades already called the planet home, this was by far the biggest influx of ex-clanners the world had seen. The group takes its name from the Dark Caste outcasts of Clan Society. They reside on Antallos only because they have nowhere else to go.[1] The Dark keep to themselves and shun outside contact, their only communications with outsiders at this time was to simply state "We are Dark". The one pirate band that tried to trade Clan technology with them was annihilated and their ruined 'Mechs were piled in front of the city of Port Krin as a warning to others. [2]

Rumors suggest the Dark had attacked a Clan Diamond Shark merchant flotilla in the Mica Majority in 3064. This attack was unconfirmed and also attributed to the Word of Blake and the Hanseatic League.[3]

By 3067 the Dark were described as a growing band struggling to form a pseudo-society. It included warriors, both Trueborn and Freeborn, technicians and laborers. They had started to actively prey on other Zone Gangs and had on occasion bid their services to local warlords in exchange for supplies.[4]

In November 3067 several Clusters from Clan Snow Raven launched an assault on Antallos. The 6th Raven Battle Cluster located the Dark's base of operations. As the Clan Snow Raven forces approached they received a communication from an unidentified speaker that sought the warriors of the Dark to be taken as bondsmen if any were captured thus redeeming their honor. Star Colonel Dorian Howe laughed and replied that he had no use for bandits and would deal with them appropriately.[5]

Some warriors of the Dark attempted to initiate duels, but the Ravens did not honor their challenges. The Ravens had hoped to capture the Dark's supplies, but these were purposefully destroyed claiming several Snow Raven ’Mechs in the explosion. The Dark refused to retreat and in the end were annihilated.[5]




Dark limited themselves to raids in their formative years.

Composition History[edit]


Approximately a battalion (cluster) strong with DropShip and JumpShip support.


48 OmniMechs;[5] their average status was considered Elite. [1]


When fighting against any pirate force, the Dark gain a +1 bonus on all To-hit rolls. When fighting against any legitimate Clan force, the Dark suffer a –1 Initiative roll penalty. RAT: Crusader Clan, FM Crusader Clans, FMU [1]


  • While the Dark clearly consider their own status to be that of the Dark Caste, it is not known if they have had dealings with other Dark Caste renegades. The fact that they were noted to be forming their own society makes it hard to classify them as a such or as a simple pirate band.


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