Dark Caste (group)


They are treated as outcast from the clan society, unworthy to work for the greater good. They live in fear of being uncovered and are always on the run, their business performed in the shadow of normal clan society.


Where ever clans could be encounters the Dark Caste is not faraway.


=> stealing [1]
=> smuggling
=> and other things

Types of Colonies[edit]

  • Communities
Small mining and farming sites on worlds which are regarded by most others as uninhabitable.
  • Bandit Colonies
Former clan warriors band together and live in their own community.


Low Level[edit]

Always with the fear to be discovered by the clan warriors, they trust no person outside their known community.

Medium Level[edit]

As natural born leader, but with the wrong background lead their community succesful and could put their sources behind a joint goal.

High Level[edit]

As leaders of their colonies they are resposible for the colony. Any dangers is treated with sheer brutality. Often this persons have valuable informations about the clans.


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