David Marik


David Marik (born 2572 - died 2621), was the twenty-second Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. David was the fourth child of Brion Marik II and became Captain-General after his nephew Thomas Marik - son of David's brother Quentin, who had died in 2612 - resigned.[1]

David's four-year tenure as Captain-General was relatively uneventful; he came to power in 2618, just as the Magistracy of Canopus reached the point in its rebuilding after the Reunification War where it started noticeably impinging on the economy of the Free Worlds League. Most of David's time in office was spent dealing with routine Star League business, and his time in office was brought to an end due to ill-health.[1] David had no children, and the last of his five siblings,[1] Ward Marik, was unwilling to become Captain-General, having recognised the looming economic crisis facing the Free Worlds.[2] As a consequence the Parliament persuaded Thomas to come out of retirement and assume the post of Captain-General once more.[1]


Preceded by
Tomas Marik (first term)
Captain-General of the Free Worlds League
2618 - 2621[1][3]

Succeeded by
Tomas Marik (second term)


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