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Swordsworn Emblem

The SwordSworn were a pro-Davion military splinter group that operated in the Republic of the Sphere from 3132 to 3136.

Organization Description[edit]

Under the leadership of former Lord Governor of Prefecture IV Duke Aaron Sandoval the Swordsworn were one of the factions to break away from the Republic of the Sphere in the early 3130's following the widespread collapse of the HPG network. They were later absorbed into House Davion. After the events of Fortress of Lies, the SwordSworn is also co-lead by Duke Sandoval's nephew, Commander Erik Sandoval-Groell.

Composition Description[edit]

The Swordsworn were organized into three Combined Arms Regiments. These regiments were loosely contained enough units to be considered fully functional regiment. When first organized, these units were centered around roughly a company of BattleMechs and civilian/militarized IndustrialMechs, with large numbers of vehicle and infantry forces filling out each of the regiments' ranks.

These regiments were referred to as;

Davion Guards[edit]

Davion Guards' Insignia

The Davion Guards is SwordSworn's premiere Combat Unit, where it shortly after the unit formation by Duke Sandoval, was renamed from Duke’s Honor Guard to its current name after the fall of the HPG Network in 3132. The Duke equipped the unit was best military hardware that his extensive wealth could afford. He placed, descent of Hanse Davion's friend and former Prince's Champion, Justin Sortek in command of the unit.[1][2]

  • Davion Guards - Commanding Officer of the unit was Justin Sortek.
  • Motto: Strength of House Davion.
  • Commanding Officers: Colonel Justin Sortek / XO: Lt. Colonel Kiki O'Gorman
  • Skill Rating: Green
  • Unit Specifics: 2 Battalions (As of 3132 - BattleMech Strength)
  • Loyalty Rating: High
  • Equipment Rating: B
  • Notes: The original Dossier for the Swordsworn's Davion Guards listed the unit as being Elite verse is green skill rating.

Ghost Legion[edit]

Ghost Legion's Insignia

The Ghost Legion were descendants of members of the mercenary group by the same name who operated during the Jihad. A battalion of the force ended up in the service with Devlin Stone and his Coalition Force. Stone honored the unit, who swore loyalty to his new republic, by perserving it as a whole. The Legion was retained as a rotating training Militia unit, which was stationed in Prefecture IV since 3127.[3] As part of the Republic for decades, the Legion began resenting its status in its armed forces. After fall of the HPG Grid, unit's commanding officer whom was rumored to have strong ties with the Duke, involved their ties with House Davion and joined him under his banner as part of the SwordSworn.[4]

  • Ghost Legion - Commanding Officer of the unit was Angie Chelsy.[5]
  • Motto: Take Them Before They Know You're There.
  • Commanding Officers: Colonel Angela Chelsy / XO: Lt. Colonel Srikrishnan Ral
  • Skill Rating: Regular
  • Unit Specifics: 1 Battalion (As of 3132 - BattleMech Strength)
  • Loyalty Rating: Reliable
  • Equipment Rating: C
  • Notes: The Ghost Legion is a highly mobile force. Its tactics show a preference for rapid movement, allowing for shifting tactics that exploit the unit's mobility on the battlefield.[6]

Prince's Men[edit]

Prince's Men Insignia

The unit was created after the formation of the SwordSworn, when Duke Sandoval swore his allegiances to House Davion and the Federated Suns. The unit is filled with a hodge-podge of skilled warriors, who in whole are dis-organized by their nature. Many were considered loyal to Duke Sandoval's cause, but others are suspected to be among ranks as opportunists. Origins of members stem from AWOL Repubican Militia to possible individuals hailing from the Draconis March in the Federated Suns. The unit not being very well refined, was used to achieve simple objectives due to shortfalls in flexibility and cohesion. By far the largest formation of the Swordsworn's three regiments, the unit is used as large numbers to make up cohestion issues.[7][8]

  • Prince’s Men - Commanding Officer of the unit is Unknown
  • Motto: You Want to Live Forever?
  • Commanding Officers: Colonel George G. Herrling / XO: Lt. Colonel Aloys Palomer
  • Skilled Rating: Green
  • Unit Specifics: 1 Regiment (As of 3132 - BattleMech Strength)
  • Loyalty Rating: Questionable
  • Equipment Rating: B


Liao Incursion[edit]

In late 3134, the Duke Sandoval seeing opportunity to bring on more worlds to his efforts deliver number worlds to House Davion, deployed large sum of SwordSworn troops to Prefecture V to fight Capellan Confederation's Incursion into Republic.

New Aragon[edit]

By August, elements of the Davion Guards and Ghost Legion were deployed on New Aragon, fighting brutal battle against Capellan troops for control of the planet. On world's militia force became in disarray, when their Legate was lost in the fight. Duke, along with his cousin Commander Erik Sandoval-Groell coordinate and led their troops to route Liao troops off planet.[9]

It wasn't until late October when the last of Liao forces left on planet were hunted down. In a notable fight, Commander Sandoval-Groell was with Ghost Legion's BattleMech elements on planet when they went on a 'Mech hunting expedition in the arctic reaches of the planet. With five BattleMechs, they were able to overwhelm a lone downgraded Clan Tundra Wolf that tried eluded them when it enter the ice region.[10]

After securing the planet, word of Faction leader was lost New Canton begun to circulate. However, it prove to be false. Bulk of the SwordSworn forces on New Aragon headed out to the next Incursion hot spot, Halloran V. Duke briefly meet up with his forces at SwordSworn fleet staging area in Pleione system. There he named Davion Guards' commander, Justin Sortek as Campaign Commander for next assault against the Liaos. While himself and Commander Sandoval-Groell were assigned to diplomatic duties to strengthen coalition against Liaos and join SwordSworn.[11]

On Halloran V, the SwordSworn forces were able to repel the Liaos, and were then sent to St. Andre.

First Battle for St. Andre[edit]

On St. Andre, Sortek positioned the SwordSworn to confront House Liao's push into the Prefecture. By December the Duke dispatched Commander Sandoval-Groell to take command of troops on planet. However, Sortek's forces and Liao forces arrive in system by the 12th, where he lands his troops at ancient SLDF Fortress, Fort Ravensgale. The base isolated in planet's arctic regions, kept his people from bulk of the enemy force. His Liao opponent landed in heart of planet's populated continent of Georama. Liao forces were quickly pushed the defending SwordSworn troops out of position and took the planetary capital of Jerome within days of fighting. This was due to Sortek's reluctance to commit his forces fearing it was a trap. Isolated in Arctic region, Sortek's forces were low on fuel and ammunition. In bound on a DropShip, Commander Sandoval-Groell attempted to advise Sortek in what he could do, but was limited on intelligence due to his distance from the world.[12]

After landing on planet, the Commander was able to organize better defense as Liao forces begun to marshal its forces on shores closest to the Ravensgale continent's heavily cliff laden shores.

Liao forces began a three-pronged assault against the SwordSworn on Christmas Eve, where troop bearing DropShips, wait in orbit, ground troops commit to an amphibious assault against Fort Ravensgale through the tiny seaport settlement of Port Archangel. Liao Aerospace forces, unwilling risk being shot down by the Fort's powerful array of aerospace defense towers, use their amphibious assault penetrate the base's defenses to knock out the towers. SwordSworn's coast defense batteries first fight waves of BattleMechs which emerge from sea, after being dropped off by special commercial ocean vessel. Following the 'Mechs on the shore being damaged by SwordSworn artillery and missile batteries, are combination of VTOL and hovercraft base vehicles help penetrate their coastal defenses. After overwhelming SwordSworn port defenses, the Liaos land heavy ground combat units via ferry try get through the one of the bases narrow vehicle tunnels.

Despite falling back, the SwordSworn give good show by mauling incoming Liao forces, however they manage penetrate the base interior perimeter. The defense towers fall one by one in onslaught of Liao ground forces. When all lost, the DropShips from orbit descend on the scene and hot drop their cargo of 'Mechs. However, SwordSworn are saved, as the Duke and his forces were able to overwhelm the Liao's DropShips and slip in their place rescuing beleaguered forces on the ground.

After overwhelming the Liao invaders, Duke's additional forces drop off supplies. Liao forces at fort and in Georama retreat from the planet. Its learned Liao forces had stripped considerable amount of its defenses to amount invasion St. Andre. Using salvage from invasion, SwordSworn begin to assemble a second army while Duke continues on with his efforts build coalition. [13]


  • Due to lack of published information, various information regarding specific actions of Prince's Men or what makeup and number of regiments themselves remains unknown as of this writing.


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