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Story information
Author William H. Keith
Pages 8
Type Short story
Product BattleTechnology #0201
Illustrations William H. Keith
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 7 October 3027

Plot Summary[edit]

Lieutenant Vincent McCabe, a MechWarrior with the Star Warriors mercenary regiment, is part of a Lyran strike mission against Draconis Combine forces in the Ramsau system.

As a regiment-sized force raids Ramsau itself on 7 October 3027, McCabe and five other mercenary MechWarriors set down on Gordo, Ramsau’s tide-locked moon (also identified as Ramsau III-A), in a modified Leopard-class DropShip. Their objective is the DCMS command and control facility on Gordo, which has an unobstructed view of Ramsau.

Approaching the installation, the mercenaries are crossing an empty mare when they come under fire. McCabe's 'Mech is knocked down with heavy damage. Considering him dead or disabled, the Kuritan BattleMechs pass him by to engage his comrades.

McCabe reactivates his Shadow Hawk and opens fire on a DCMS Dragon and Panther. He has a clear view of the Dragon when its damaged cockpit starts venting atmosphere and he sees the Kuritan pilot suffocating.

The remaining mercenary 'Mechs have to retreat, their chances of destroying the command station gone. The attack on Ramsau is called off and the Lyran forces pull back to their JumpShips.

McCabe reflects on what the mission has taught him — that even inside a BattleMech, a MechWarrior can be helpless in the face of a hostile environment.

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