Deimos (Individual DropShip)

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This article is about the refitted freighter DropShip. For other uses, see Deimos (disambiguation).

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class uncertain
(presumably a modified Danais, possibly Trojan)

The Deimos was a DropShip best known for its association with the famous Gray Death Legion. It was originally a freighter DropShip of unspecified type that had been equipped with weapons. It should not be confused with the Union-class vessel bearing the same name that apparently entered service with the Gray Death Legion around 3026-3027.


Deimos was "DropShip One"[1] of Renfred Tor's free trader JumpShip Invidious, while its sister ship Phobos—a Danais-class vessel—was the "Number Two" DropShip.[2] No exact type is given for the Deimos. Like the Phobos, it was noted to be a commercial freighter "similar in design and capacity to the standard Union class military DropShips",[3] strongly suggesting both to be Danais class vessels.

Both the Deimos and the Phobos had weapons installed on them after being boarded by Oberon Confederation pirates while enroute to Trellwan in 3024.[4] However, while the Phobos was refitted to Trojan-class standards, the Deimos apparently received a different refit as only one of the two vessels—the Phobos—was subsequently able to carry a pair of aerospace fighters.[5]

The JumpShip Invidious and its two DropShips ("merchanters converted to troop transports", apparently referring to the Deimos and the Phobos) had become an integral part of the Gray Death Legion's Transport Division by the time of the Sirius campaign in 3028,[6] but at the same time the Gray Death Legion already employed another DropShip named Deimos that is consistently described as a Union-class vessel[7] and at one point was observed to fire autocannons,[8] weapons which are standard on a real Union but not on a Danais/Trojan (the implied class of the Deimos). Only the Union-class vessel is subsequently mentioned with the Gray Death Legion.[9] The ultimate fate of the original Deimos is unknown.


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