Deliah's Gauntlet

Deliah's Gauntlet.jpg
Deliah's Gauntlet
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Captain Deliah Finn
JumpShips no
DropShips no
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


  • They battle against the Fist of Mokal in the Terracap Confederation and enlarge through new recruits. The unit were deployed on Capolla and defended it against pro Liao forces. Terrorist kidnapped Major Jeffreys (commander of Jeffreys’ Own) and poisoned the barracks to weaken the defenders but Captain Finn had luck. She defended the spaceport against a light armor lance. The unit was reborn to new members of the One Star Faith and repulsed another attack of the guerrillas at this time with 2 tank companies.
  • 3068 Capolla joined the Blake Protectorate, and with them the mercs.

Four years later, the Word of Blake changed how they dealt with the Gauntlet. After training the local militia forces, the mercenaries found their movements more restricted. In 3075 rumors of WMDs turned Capolla's citizens against the Gauntlet. Deliah's Gauntlet evacuated from Capolla, seizing a Union-class DropShip, but their escape cost them a lance of 'Mechs. Deliah Finn took the opportunity to conduct an interview with Cristen Gardner of the MERCNET news service, explaining their actions before and during the Jihad. After they repaired their damage they signed on with Devlin Stone's Coalition.[1] By 3078, they were looking for new employment.[2]


Captain Finn is the current commander and served in the past in the AFFC.


The units lances teamed up and fought against single targets and switch from one to another and back.


  • Technical support: 100%

Mercenary Rating[edit]

Dragoon Rating: B-



Deliah’s Gauntlet(1 Company/Regular/Reliable)

- Mostly assault BattleMechs, 1 lance heavies and mediums for screening


Escaping from Word of Blake forces on Capolla cost them a lance of 'Mechs.[1] By 3078 they were apparently back to full strength.[2]



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