Delos (Individual Thera-class WarShip)

Delos (Vessel).jpg
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Thera


The Thera-class carrier Delos was under construction in 3067 and was due to enter service in 3068, at which point she would become the fifth vessel in her class to enter service, following the earlier FWLS Santorini, FWLS Sardis, FWLS Corinth and FWLS Delphi. Also constructed over the same period of time were a pair of Eagle-class frigates intended to serve as escorts for the Delos, the FWLS Bors and FWLS Kay.[1]

Two of the sister ships to the Delos, the FWLS Corinth and FWLS Sardis were suborned by the Word of Blake during the Jihad, along with a number of escort ships; while the Delos escaped being captured or controlled by the Blakists, one of her escort vessels, the Bors, was taken and was subsequently destroyed while fighting for the Blakists in the Benjamin system in 3072.[2]

With the Free Worlds League fragmenting the Delos entered the service of Principality of Regulus[3] as the RPS Delos and led the Regulan Task Force responsible for the destruction of the worlds of Poulsbo[4] and Circinus.[5]


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