Delta Galaxy (Clan Ice Hellion)

Delta Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Dauntless Hunters
Parent Formation Clan Ice Hellion Touman


After Clan Smoke Jaguar's annihilation by the new Star League Defense Force's Task Force Serpent and elements that had participated in Operation Bulldog, Delta Galaxy was assigned the task of assaulting Huntress in order to claim the dead Clan's technology for Clan Ice Hellion.[1]

Delta successfully took control of the Path of the Warrior Peninsula. There the unit secured Clan Smoke Jaguar's ProtoMech technology.[1]

The Galaxy thus became the only formation in the Hellion Touman to field ProtoMechs in significant numbers. Combined with the attachment of two Flurry Clusters by 3067, Delta is considered equal in strength to Alpha Galaxy.[1]

In 3071 as the Ice Hellions invaded the Inner Sphere, Galaxy Commander Damon Haskins faced Clan Hell's Horses Khan James Cobb in an arm-wrestling contest for the provisions stored on Nouveaux Paris.[2] By the middle of 3071, Delta Galaxy was attacking industrial worlds held by Clan Jade Falcon.[3] The Falcons' counter attack took several systems. Delta Galaxy landed on Wotan to capture it, but instead found itself dragged into a two month conflict. After two months, Delta left Wotan in Falcon hands. Delta then attacked Steelton, finding the system defended by Hell's Horses warriors. The Horse's aerospace units inflicted some losses on Delta as it grounded, but enough forces remained to defeat the defending 21st and 22nd Mechanized Assault Clusters. Steelton was also a supply point for the Horses; Capturing the supply stockpiles helped Delta rebuild. Galaxy Commander Hawkins was killed in the fighting.[4] In early 3072 Delta then pulled back to Evciler along with other Ice Hellion units. The Jade Falcons landed three Galaxies on the world and Delta Galaxy was destroyed in the fighting.[5]


As of 3059 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Drew Norizuchi. He was the oldest warrior still in front-line service, and his accumulated wisdom led to an appreciation of his Freeborn warriors.[6]

As of 3067 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Damon Hawkins, a former Clan Ghost Bear warrior who is widely credited with turning Delta into the Ice Hellions' most capable Galaxy. He was aided by Star Colonel Jude Hildenrath.[1][7]


Delta Galaxy was trained to fight in extreme conditions on some of the most inhospitable environments of the Pentagon Worlds. This led to the adoption of Jump Jets on most of the Galaxy's BattleMechs.[6]

Composition History[edit]



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