Descartes Mk XXI Computer


The Descartes Mk XXI Computer is part of a popular series of technical computer used to program BattleMech systems. Though larger than a noteputer the Mk XXI is still portable and features a rugged airtight carrying-case. This model was used during the Succession Wars era, and while considered outmoded in the wake of the Clan Invasion is still the most widely used technical computer. In addition to its programming functions the Mk XXI replicates all the features of a typical personal computer.[1]



Item: Descartes Mk XXI[2]
Equipment Ratings: D/C-E-C/B
Cost: 1000
Affiliation: None
Mass: 7kg
Notes: Diagnostic Scanner; Requires power pack or plug (2 Power Poinst per Hour); +1 to Technician check when diagnosing damage


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