Desk Jockeys

Desk Jockeys
Story information
Author Joel Bancroft-Connors
Pages 2
Type Short story
Sourcebook fiction
Product Hexpack Promotion 1
Illustrations (uncredited)
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 20 August 3019

Desk Jockeys, by Joel Bancroft-Connors, is the introductory fiction for the Hexpack Promotion 1 PDF file that Catalyst Game Labs offers for download for free through their site at

Mercenary Captain Max Masterson leads his unit, the Fire Masters, against a General Motors factory complex on Salem. The defenders, a battalion of Harlock's Warriors, have been transferred to the other side of the planet, and Masterson expects the infantry and light vehicles of the corporate security to be no match for his BattleMech force. However, concealed gun emplacements ambush the Fire Masters and artillery fire forces them to retreat with the loss of (at least) a Phoenix Hawk and, it is implied, also Masterson's Marauder.

Featured units[edit]

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