Sarna News:

Destroyed Manufacturing Centers

The following Manufacturing Centers and Primary Factories became Destroyed or discontinued and closed in the few centuries of War in the Inner Sphere.

Mitchell Vehicles[edit]

Components Produced: GLH-2D Galahad Heavy BattleMech

HEP-2H Heliopolis Heavy BattleMech
HCT-213 Hellcat Medium Aerospace Fighters
SHG-2F Shogun Assault BattleMech

Jalastar Aerospace[edit]

Components Produced: CNT-1D Centurion Light Aerospace Fighters

Corean Enterprises[edit]

Components Produced: ICR-1S Icarus II Medium BattleMech

ImStar Aerospace[edit]

Components Produced: EGL-R6 Eagle Heavy Aerospace Fighters

Arcturan Arms/MacEnroe Motors[edit]

Components Produced: Marsden II Tracked Vehicles

Star League Defense Industries[edit]

Components Produced: Mobile HQ Wheeled Vehicles

Stormvanger Assemblies-Light Division[edit]

Components Produced: JVN-10N Javelin Light BattleMech

FLC-4N Falcon Light BattleMech
CP-11-A Cyclops Assault BattleMech

Whitworth Company[edit]

Components Produced: WTH-1 Withworth Medium BattleMech

Diplan 'Mechyards[edit]

Components Produced: MON-67 Mongoose Light BattleMech

MON-66 Mongoose Light BattleMech

Coventry/Earthwerks Combine[edit]

Components Produced: FFL-2B Firefly Light BattleMech

Kallon Weapon Industries[edit]

Components Produced: ENF-5D Enforcer Medium BattleMech

JM6-DD Jagermech Heavy BattleMech

Luthien Armor Works[edit]

Components Produced: CGR-3K Charger Assault BattleMech

Foretechno (Leopard Armor)[edit]

Components Produced: Burke Tracked Vehicles


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