Determination at Wallis

Determination at Wallis
Product information
Type Short story
Author Kevin Killiany
Pages 52
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 21 March 2005
Era Civil War era
Timeline 11 February—1 March 3067
Series Chaos Irregulars stories
Preceded by Crossroads at Outreach
Followed by Encounter at El Giza

Determination at Wallis is a story by Kevin Killiany that was published online on BattleCorps on 21 March 2005 as the third part of the Chaos Irregulars series.

Teaser text[edit]

From Outreach, the Chaos Irregulars shipped to their next assignment filled with cautious optimism for what the future would bring. But fate is rarely kind in the mercenary trade. Kevin Killiany has returned with the next chapter in their ongoing saga, and a question for where they will go next.

Plot summary[edit]

The Chaos Irregulars have been hired to defend the Light Gauss Rifle factory of Ronin, Inc. on Wallis. The planet has repeatedly been raided recently, the raids timed precisely to coincide with heavy shipping traffic so that it is near impossible to determine where the attack originated. After talking to the militia, Captains Jacoam and Peregrine agree that information is apparently withheld from them. They also determine that the attackers are actually based on Wallis, and that their employer seems to be aware of this.

When the next attack comes, Reema Chowla's Mongoose is buried in a rock slide and Captain Jacoam's Grasshopper is engaged and destroyed by four assault 'Mechs. The battle soon centers on a test firing range where Ronin Inc. is testing prototypes of a new variable ordnance Gauss Rifle. They had acquired StarCorps-manufactured WHM-8D Warhammers as testbeds because of their endo-steel frames. This piqued StarCorps' interest and caused the raids, initially to see what facilities Ronin Inc. would move to protect and once that had been determined, to steal the new technology. Captain Jacoam manages to foil the attack by commandeering a Warhammer with the prototype weapon (though he was decidedly unimpressed with its performance).

Ronin Inc. gives the Irregulars a bonus and a glowing recommendation in exchange for keeping their secret, and the Irregulars get to discuss new job offers. However, Captain Jacoam remains dispossessed for the time being following the loss of his Grasshopper.

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