Dexter Kingsley

Dexter Kingsley was an officer in the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery during the Fourth Succession War and the Ronin Wars.


Early Life & Career[edit]

By 3025, Kingsley held the rank of Tai-sho, and was in command of the Ashio Prefecture in the Dieron Military District. Kingsley also personally commanded the elite 18th Dieron Regulars based on Altair. [1]

When the Fourth Succession War broke out in 3028, the 18th Regulars were still based on Altair. The Lyran Commonwealth targeted that world as part of Operation Holdur not only for its rich mineral resources, but also for its strategic position within the district. The elite 17th Skye Rangers RCT and the Always Faithful mercenary regiment were sent not only to conquer the planet, but also to destroy the Dieron Regulars defending it. Despite being outnumbered, the Regulars took full advantage of the desert terrain to ambush and harry the Lyran forces, and to strike at their supply chain. Though they took heavy losses, they eventually drew their enemies into a long campaign through the desert, a climate they were fully adjusted to. Beleaguered with supply problems, the Lyran forces would eventually retreat. [2] In the aftermath of the war, Kingsley was recognized for his victory with a promotion, now serving as the aide to Warlord Vasily Cherenkoff.

When Cherenkoff rose in rebellion to contest Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita's grant of independence to the Free Rasalhague Republic during the Ronin Wars, Kingsley accompanied Cherenkoff as they gathered a task force on Orestes consisting of the 2nd Night Stalkers, the 22nd Rasalhague Regulars and the Altenmarkt Militia. They were opposed by the arriving 3rd Drakøns, a new regiment for the newly formed KungsArmé. Kingsley, apparently seeing an opportunity for advancement in Cherenkoff's treachery, had an explosive device planted in the Cherenkoff's Atlas. When the bomb detonated, Cherenkoff was killed when his ammunition exploded. Officially, Cherenkoff's death was reported as the result of a malfunction, but Kingsley did little to conceal his actions. Kingsley immediately ordered a retreat, contacting the Kanrei to ask forgiveness and pledging his support. This effectively removed the Dieron Regulars as a rebel force. He then returned to Dieron, expecting to be rewarded and to be promoted to Cherenkoff's position. [3] [4] [5]

When Kingsley met with Theodore on Dieron in July, he was to be surprised however. The Kanrei and heir to the throne of the Combine recognized Kingsley's actions as motivated from personal ambition, and ordered the General to commit seppuku. Realizing, however, that Kingsley's suicide would damage his own standing, Theodore ordered that he be assassinated. [6] This was carried out a few weeks later, though it was officially declared a death from a natural illness. Michi Noketsuna was then appointed Warlord of the Dieron Military District. [7] [8]

As of 3039, there was propaganda being circulated on Dieron that Noketsuna himself had assassinated Kingsley, who it claimed was the "loyal and rightful warlord of Dieron". [9] Considering Kanrei Theodore's position that Noketsuna not be the one to kill Kinsley, however, this seems highly unlikely. [10]


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