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Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip

The Diamond was a merchant JumpShip with a Free Worlds League registry. Its type is unspecified, though it had at least three docking hardpoints and implicitly yet more,[1] suggesting it to be a Star Lord-class vessel.

On 2 March 3031 the Diamond was done recharging its drive at the Andarmax system's nadir jump point and had already furled its jump sail but was waiting for the arrival of a final cargo DropShip in about half a day before jumping out. It was scheduled to jump to Turin via Jacomarie,[2] with a DropShip load including a Monarch-class vessel and a modified gas tanker of unspecified type. Cultists traveling on the latter DropShip carried Richard Humphreys with them, who was rescued in a shootout that also caused a fire on the DropShip which was however brought under control quickly. Emma Centrella personally redacted the Diamond's jump clearance until a shuttle arrived that would bring her and Richard Humphreys, among others, back to Andarmax.[3]


The Diamond only is featured in the German novel Gier which, being a German language publication that was not translated into English so far, does not meet the current criteria for canonical BattleTech products and must thus be considered apocryphal. As a consequence, the Diamond and all information about it is apocryphal as well.


  1. Gier, p. 310, mentions that besides the Monarch that just arrived and another DropShip that is expected to arrive within twelve hours, a gas tanker DropShip is already docked. The description of the free docking hardpoint implies there are more than just two occupied at this time.
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