Diane Virgil

Captain Diane Virgil (b. ???? - d. ????) was an early 31st century pilot. She commanded a mercenary unit of light aerospace fighters. [1]


By 3025, Virgil and her command had performed various missions for each of the Great Houses. Her unit consisted of six Cheetahs and six Sabres; Virgil herself flew an F-10 Cheetah. Their high speed and small size were well suited to Captain Virgil's style of warfare: quick attacks followed by equally quick withdrawals.

She was nicknamed "Vixen" for her striking looks and for her taste for fast and deadly attacks. Her command had adopted the ancient skull-and-crossbones motif for their unit marking, and Virgil was noted for dressing in a romanticized "swashbuckler" wardrobe, including leather boots and a plumed hat. All of her pilots carried cutlasses along with their guns, and reacted poorly to outsiders who found their affectations amusing.[1][2]


  • Captain Virgil's unit is described as a "squadron" in the original Technical Readout text, which is contrary to the later-established standard formation of six aerospace fighters to a squadron. On Technical Readout: 3039 this has been correct and she leads a double-squadron.


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