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Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Invader

The Diver was an Invader-class JumpShip with Free Worlds League registry (though implicitly a trader, not a military vessel).


The Diver only features in the German novel Gier which, being a German language publication that was not translated into English so far, does not meet the current criteria for canonical BattleTech products and must thus be considered apocryphal. As a consequence, the Diver and all information about it are apocryphal as well.


As of 13 September 3029 the Diver had been recharging its drive at the nadir jump point of the Canopus system for several days already when the Merchant-class Rana jumped in right on top of their position, causing a jump collision that fused both JumpShips together and killed (at least) three techs aboard the Rana.

The Diver was initially going to cut the Rana off lest the drift imparted would tear both JumpShips apart, but Richard Humphreys (who was traveling aboard the Rana) came up with the idea to use the attitude thrusters of one of the Rana's DropShips instead to counter the drift.[1]

It was later mentioned that Humphreys had saved invaluable technology, suggesting that the ship's Kearny-Fuchida Drive had not been damaged in the accident; both the Rana and the Diver were thought to require only a few weeks of repairs in dock, exchanging a cargo section and the jump sail storage, respectively.[2]


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