Dobless Information Services

Dobless Information Services Company Profile

Dobless Information Services is an information storage business in the Lyran Commonwealth, Federated Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance. [1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: DobInf [1] [2]

Home Office: New Mannos, Chahar (Circa 3025) [1] Bayern, Ludwigshafen (Circa 3067)[2]

President/CEO: Jim Tobiason (circa 3025) [1], Baron Seth Tobiason (circa 3067) [2]


Founded from the ashes of DataCorp Industries of Chahar only a few years before the collapse of the Star League, Dobless Information Services began as a single Star League library computer system before expanding into the single most extensive network of information outside of the fanatically preserved ComStar Archives on Terra. By the end of the Third Succession War, Dobless had centers on more than 150 Lyran worlds with each of its computers holding the equivalent data equal to one hundred billion books, its name becoming synonymous with with knowledge, with over half of all textboxs in Lyran schools and universities used information researched and verified by Dobless. [1] [2]

With the formation of the Federated Commonwealth, Dobless expanded by adding an additional 50 sites in the Lyran realm as well as 20 or so scattered across Federated Suns suns space. Unfortunately the seizure of Chahar during the Jade Falcon Incursion in the midst of the FedCom Civil War cut the company off from its signature vault and master data node, relocating to its headquarters to Ludwigshafen. While during the Succession Wars era Dobless main vault underneath its headquarters on Chahar was the centre of unproven rumours it contained information storage devices that predate man's first steps into space as well as holding all known information in the universe, the importance of the archives to the company was such that as of 3067 that its CEO was exploring hiring mercenary units in an attempt to liberate them. [2]


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