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Double-Barrel Shotgun

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The Double-Barrel Shotgun varies from the common pump-action version in that it features two side-by-side barrels instead of one. Each barrel holds one shell and may be fired individually or simultaneously, however the weapon also takes longer to reload as a new shell must be placed manually into each barrel.[1]

The stock and a portion of the barrel can be removed from a double-barrel shotgun in order to shave off a kilogram of weight. These "sawed-off" shotguns however suffer from greater inaccuracy and half as much range as unaltered models.[1]



Item: Double-Barreled Shotgun[2]
Equipment Rating: B/A-A-A/B
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 1B/6Bs
Standard: 3/8/16/45 meters
Sawed-Off: 1/4/8/22 meters
Shots: 2
Cost/Reload: 30/1
Affiliation: -
Standard: 4kg/40g
Sawed-Off: 3kg/40g
Standard: Burst 2; Recoil -1
Sawed-Off: Burst 2; Recoil -1; -1 to Attack Roll


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