Production information
Manufacturer O'Neil Yards[1]
Production Year 3065[2]
Use Interceptor[3]
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere Advanced[3]
Technical specifications
Mass 2500 tons
Structural Integrity 15
Length 90 meters
Width 70 meters
Height 20 meters
Safe Thrust 4.5 g
Max Thrust 7 g
Fuel (tons) 174[3]
Fuel (days)
Armor 66 tons Heavy Ferro-Aluminum[4]
Crew 0
Passengers 0
Heat Sinks 120 Double Heat Sinks[3]
BV (2.0) 14,358[3]


Based on a Gazelle hull, the Dragau is the testbed used by the Word of Blake to evaluate their Caspar II SDS control system. The experimental Caspar II Advanced Smart Robotic Control System worked exactly as the Word hoped, coordinating attacks through their command ships. In addition, their lack of a crew allowed them to maintain impossibly high speeds, perform maneuvers that would kill the crew of a manned vessel, and maximize their armor protection. Equipped with Heavy Ferro-Aluminum armor weighing as much as a Crusader, this heavy armor allowed the Dragaus deployed by the Word to withstand hostile weapons fire and stay in the fight longer. This armor protection was supplemented by the ECM effect of the Caspar II ASRCS.[5]

The Dragau is a very effective weapons platform. During the final battle for Terra a wounded Dragau destroyed the ISS Excalibur. As part of the Dragaus live fire testing during the Wolf's Dragoons assault on Mars, the Dragau destroyed most of the Dragoons' aerospace and WarShip support.


As a proof of concept design, the Dragau is one of the few Word of Blake designs lacking capital and sub-capital weapons. The Dragau instead relies upon its Heavy PPCs, Heavy Gauss Rifles, ER PPCs, and Large VSP Lasers to shred the armor off enemy units. The Dragau then used its quartet of Artemis IV enhanced LRM-15 launchers to capitalize on breaches in the enemy unit's armor. In addition the smaller weapons were more effective at targeting enemy aerospace fighters. The seven Anti-Missile Systems (four forward, three aft) not only protected the Dragau from incoming weapons fire, but thickened WarShip missile defenses.


As a drone system, the Dragau has no cargo bays.


  • Dragau II 
    Built by the Republic of the Sphere, the Dragau II is used to supplement the Republic's WarShip fleet. Production began at the O'Neil Yards Gazelle line in 3079. The delay in production was the result of the need to remove the ASRCS and install crew systems. The thirteen crew members have tightly cramped quarters and limited space. BV (2.0) = 14,254[1]


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