Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath.jpg
Dragon's Breath
Unit Profile (as of 3070)
CO Colonel Peter Tate
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


Dragon's Breath was formed from former members of the 17th Skye Rangers in 2989, they left the LCAF and gathered on Galatea for assignment. Their first client was the Lyran Commonwealth. Until now they served their home state with distinction.[1]

Dragon's Breath was employed by the Draconis Combine and stationed on Kiesen as of 3067. By 3070, the unit was reduced from a regiment to a battalion of 'Mechs, augmented by a company of aerospace fighters.[1]

Under a new contract with the Federated Suns (possibly set up by the enigmatic Mr. Askai), Dragon's Breath participated in an ill-fated attack on Sian on 13 September 3070.[2] The defending CCAF and canopian forces destroyed the mercenaries in Word of Blake employ. [3].


As of 3025 to 3085 the commanding officer is Colonel Peter Tate, he leads the unit in the 3rd generation.[4][1][5]

As on 3145 the commanding officer is Colonel Clinton Adams[6]


Every member of the unit is a skilled marksman,because they will increase the quality of the salvage.[1]

Mercenary Rating[edit]


Dragoon Rating: D[1]


Rating: B[6]


Composition History[edit]


Dragon's Breath (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Colonel Pete Tale


Dragon's Breath (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[7]


Dragon’s Breath (BattleMech Regiment)[1]

  • XO: Major Andrew Dellarnore


Dragon's Breath (Regular/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Colonel Peter Tate
- As of 3085, the Dragon's Breath were at seventy percent of full strength and under contract to the Draconis Combine. The Dragon's Breath were garrisoning the world of Enif.[5]


Dragon's Breath (Regular/Questionable)[6]

  • CO: Colonel Clinton Adams[6]
- As of 3145, the Dragon's Breath were at ninety-five percent of full strength and under contract to the Draconis Combine. The Dragon's Breath were garrisoning the Irece system.[6]


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