E.F. Marie

E.F. Marie
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Mule

The E.F. Marie was a Mule-class DropShip that vanished in a misjump with the Merchant-class JumpShip Celeste in 3095.[1]

It featured custom-built bays that have maintenance capacity for two 'Mechs and a battle armor squad bay, but do not provide combat-drop capacity for troops.[2]


Described as an "aging" ship by 3095,[2] the E.F. Marie was under the command of Captain John Bean, who had previously been a crew member, rose through the ranks and became its commander in 3093 when the previous commander retired.[3]

Operating under the aegis of the Republic of the Sphere, the E.F. Marie was last assigned to ferry a consignment of weapons to a Republic bone yard on Rigil Kentarus in 3095. On this trip it was equipped with two Powerman SC XV HaulerMechs and four HeavyHauler exoskeletons, and carried 2,000 tons of weapons and parts for combat vehicles, 'Mechs and aerospace fighters plus 500 tons of heavy weapons munitions, support weapons, and small arms.[2]


  • The E.F. Marie is among the canonical items featured in the 2014 Halloween special product Empires Aflame. The focus of that product was an (expressly non-canonical) alternate universe; the misjump of the Celeste served as the entry point for the players into that other universe. Canonically, the Celeste vanished and its fate remains unknown.[4]


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