Magistracy Intelligence Ministry

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The Magistracy Intelligence Ministry (abbreviated to MIM) operates as an independent intelligence agency, directly under the control of the Magistracy of Canopus' Magestrix herself, though it is officially a part of the Magistracy Armed Forces (MAF). Its virtual autonomy allows it to perform as a political device of the Centrella family throughout the Periphery and into the Inner Sphere.




Division Information

Director of the MIM:
General Jenni Elliot
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Central Analysis Corps:
Colonel Beata Olesya
Is responsible for data gathering and information analysis. CAC personnel are office operatives, while lacking field agents. The MIM command uses their data and conclusion for the direction of the other branches.
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Domestic Operations Corps:
Colonel Peder Smythe
This branch is charged with internal security. Its passive role on information gathering is no obstacle to use lethal force (sabotage, assassination) if necessary. The agents act as a shadow police force amongst the Canopian elite, monitoring hot spots of civil unrest and performing counterintelligence work.
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Foreign Affairs Corps:
Colonel Vegard Waldemar
The field operatives infiltrate and gather data on foreign states and make "interdiction" (capture or execution of threats to the Canopian State). It is presumed that many agents have been discovered.
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Royal Operations Corps:
Colonel Marah Berit-Centrella
It is the internal security force for the Canopian royalty. This operatives can interdict the activities of the aristocracy and even the ruling Centrella-family. In theory can arrest or execute a member of the Centrella line. Agents of this department must prove their loyalty first to the Magestrix, followed by their devotion to the state.
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Homeland Defense Corps:
Colonel Bryant MacKenzie
This is a secret service task charged with the defense of high ranking officials (of the goverment bureaucracy and nobility). It works closely with the Royal Guards. They function as escort, but can also carry out law enforcement duties and surveillance.
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Active Response Corps:
Colonel Yasmin Bellanca
These are the people for the dirty work. On a par with the Death Commandos or the DEST agents from this branch assassinate key officers and sabotage enemy installments/equipment.
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The Ebon Magistrate
The Ebon Magistrate is shadowy sub-department of the Magistracy Intelligence Minstry. It has been described as an ultra-elite covert unit consisting of military and civilian personnel that have no close family or friends. They are highly trained in every manner of lethal actions against their targets, from martial arts to operating a BattleMech in combat. The Ebon Magistrate answers only to the Magestrix, these agents are noted for being personally "modified" for their respective assignments.

During the Jihad in 3073, the Ebon Magistrate provided heavy tactical assistance in tracking down and attacking the Manei Domini's 41st Shadow Division on Aspropirgos. In the action, combined Canopian-Capellan Task force, the Ebon Magistrate helped decimate the Blakist Division's entire cybernetic infantry as well their staging base.