Edith Byers

Edith Byers
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Resistance fighter


Edith Byers (Born ???? - ????) was the leader of the resistance on Kalidasa during the Word of Blake occupation of the world. The members of the resistance movement, which operated under the name "the Bard's Champions", named Byers the "Kalidasa Ghost" in reference to her approach to combat, which involved fading away before she and her followers could be engaged and of observing the enemy without being detected, while also referring to the origin of the name Kalidasa. The Kalidasa Ghost sobriquet was subsequently confirmed by those Blakist forces that attempted to combat Byers and the resistance.[1]

When asked about the circumstances around the resistance initially firing on the Com Guard Fourth Army and the other elements of Group III of the Free Worlds League task force which had landed on Kalidasa as a part of Operation SCOUR in July 3077, Byers indicated that the reasons were confusion and fear, with the resistance believing that the Group III forces were actually Blakists attempting to conquer Kalidasa again. This implies that the resistance on Kalidasa had actually driven the Word of Blake forces off-world prior to the arrival of the Free Worlds League task force.



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