Edwin Bekker

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Edwin Bekker
Died 3058
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Star Captain

Edwin Bekker was a Star Captain in Clan Ghost Bear. He commanded the 304th Command Cluster of Beta Galaxy until his death in 3058.

Leading the Quest[edit]

Edwin Bekker's cluster was basically used for garrison duty dealing with Mercenary Forces on Alshain. Their role would later change when it was discovered that forces (under the guise of the Draconis Combine) successfully raided the Ghost Bear genetic repository stealing both the Jorgensson and Tseng legacies. His cluster would participate in a trial for [and win] the rights to retrieve the genetic legacies from the forces who took them. He carried orders to attack Draconis forces successfully, until his journey to Wolcott.

Personal Glory[edit]

Neg, Mechwarrior. Eliminate that Inner Sphere scum for the honor and glory of Clan Ghost Bear!

-Bekker to his Mechwarrior giving orders to kill Rentoshi.

On the planet of Wolcott, the Ghost Bear Mechwarrior, and his Points fought against the elements of Draconis Combine's 1st Sword of Light Regiment while searching for General Ano Rentoshi. Upon finding the General's Hatamoto-Chi, Rentoshi ordered his forces to stand down. He informs the Ghost Bear Mechwarrior that he has the information that Clan wants regarding the stolen Draconis Mechs they faced. Rentonshi would offer this information to the clan in exchange for returning to their dropship. However, Star Captain Edwin insisted that the Mechwarrior and his forces attack Rentoshi for the honor and glory of the Ghost Bears. After considering the thought, the Ghost Bears forces decided to return to the dropship, where Rentoshi honored the deal and transmitted the information to the Ghost Bears. While the Mechwarrior was praised by both Ghost Bear HQ and Rentoshi for the honorable conduct and restraint shown, Bekker saw this action as an insult to his honor.[1]

Trial of Greivance[edit]

HQ: “Star Captain Bekker, do not let your ego stand in the way of your mission!”

Bekker: “But that savashri mercenary defied a direct order! I will not tolerate disrespect.”

HQ: “Proceed on to Jeanette immediately. I mean it, Bekker!”

Bekker: “No chance! Over and out.”

-Transcript of Edwin Bekker's outburst

Angered that his Mechwarrior did not attack Rentoshi, Bekker would file a Trial of Grievance against the warrior. Ghost Bear Command tried to calm Edwin Bekker to his senses, but to no avail. A briefing of the conversation was broadcasted airing Bekker's frustration at the Mechwarrior for disobedience. He said scathing words to the warrior in question while hurling insults. With these words, he would refuse the command's orders and be labeled as treasonous among the Ghost Bears. He would head to Labea to face the Mechwarrior in his final duel. [2]


"Now I will show you the consequences of your disrespect, Freebirth."

-Edwin Bekker's final word to his Mechwarrior

Bekker would die in his BattleMech at the hands of the Mechwarrior that killed him. With his death, Bekker would be considered disgraced and be replaced by another Star Captain.


Bekker piloted a Kodiak BattleMech until his death in a Trial of Grievance.


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