Edwina Carns

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Edwina Carns (born 30?? - died 30??) was a talented MechWarrior of Clan Wolf who participated in Operation Revival. She would rise through the ranks to eventually become a Galaxy Commander.[1][2]

Star Captain Edwina Carns


A warrior particularly gifted in her gunnery skills, Edwina Carns has been noticed for her talents ever since she was a Star Captain in the Wolves' 7th Battle Cluster, commanding Trinary Battle in 3052.[3]

The Gunslinger[edit]

Considered to be her Cluster's "gunslinger" for having won the most personal duels, Star Captain Carns often had to face challenges from young warriors seeking to make a name for themselves. Her skill was so great that she is said to be able to hit any target on her opponent's 'Mech effortlessly. While outstanding in nature, some whispered that her skill stripped her of killer instinct, pointing out that Inner Sphere pilots who faced her were never injured. Depending on one's politics, this has sometimes been viewed as traitorous.[3]

Post-Refusal War[edit]

Any questions about her leanings would eventually be put to rest, one way or the other. By 3059, Edwina Carns held the rank of Galaxy Commander, commanding Gamma Galaxy. She would handpick the warriors to fill out the Bronze Keshik, pushing them through relentless rounds of training.[2]


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