Elaine Perez

Elaine Perez (b. ???? - d. ????) was a Chairman within the Outworlds Alliance 1st Armored Division during Operation UNION HOLD, the Star League invasion of the Outworlds Alliance in 2581.[1]

Character History[edit]

In the run-up to the Star League campaign against the Alliance, the commander of the Outworlds Alliance Militia had deployed 2 battalions of the 1st Armored Division to Tabayama under the command of Chairman Elaine Perez with orders to construct defensive works and to reinforce the existing indigenous battalion of light armor already in place. Both the population and the governor of Tabayama resented the presence of the 1st Armored Division forces on the planet, the former believing that the presence of 1st Division forces would attract aggression from the Star League, while the latter believed that the 1st Division forces threatened his control of Tabayama. Governor Bartusiak felt that the best protection for his world was to pursue a pro-Kurita agenda covertly, and he had already been in contact with nearby Kuritan governors; his communications led directly the arrival of the 4th Galedon Regulars on 11 August 2581. Not only did Bartusiak surrender the world to the Combine forces, but he also pointed out the presence of elements of the 1st Armored Division on Tabayama, and the location of their DropShips.[1]

Despite the lack of support Chairman Perez's forces had been offered prior to the arrival of the 4th Galedon Regulars, protests erupted outside every Combine camp and in most major communities against the Combine and Bartusiak, enabling Perez to marshall the 1st Armored Division forces and the local militia forces and launch attacks on the Galedon Regulars. This was just the beginning of two weeks of raids conducted by Alliance forces across Tabayama, alongside protests and strikes from the civilian population and two seperate assassination attempts against Bartusiak. After these two weeks of Alliance attacks and civil unrest the Regulars reacted violently, using tactics similar to those already used on Santiago; protests were broken using live fire and BattleMech maneuvers, climaxing with the death of 400 protesters in the settlement of Yamabad on the night of the 29th of August. Perez responded by ordering her armored battalions to attack the Combine forces controlling Yamabad two days later; although this attack cost the 1st Armored Division 27 armored vehicles, it cost the Kuritan forces 10 'Mechs and left the city in the hands of the 1st Armored Division. This also left the Alliance forces in control of the spaceport and cargo Dropships at Yamabad, and it was around these key assets that Perez led the Alliance forces in a collapsing defence in the face of a battalion-strength attack from the Regulars 36 hours later. The battle raged for two hours before Chairman Perez finally withdrew, taking two companies of armor and 2,000 civilians away from Tabayama.[1]


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