Elective Myomer Implant


Elective Myomer Implants are human-size Myomer musculatures first pioneered by the Star League. Such technology became lostech during the Succession Wars but was recovered in the thirty-first century, with scientists in the Capellan Confederation (supposedly under direct orders from the Chancellor himself) being the first to surgically implant these enhancements in healthy subjects, albeit with limited success. The Clans do not make use of these implants, reserving their myomer for BattleMechs and Battle Armor.[1]

These implants enhance the strength of whichever body part they are implanted, from individual hands or arms for increased upper-body strength to both feet or legs for longer sprints or faster overall speed, with the most extensive of all being full-body implantation. In all cases the subject's torso must also be reinforced with myomer implants as well in order to withstand the increase strain on their body.[1]

A number of costs and drawbacks are associated with these implants however. A myomer-enhanced limb costs 50 percent more than an equivalent Type Five artificial limb, both for the additional volume necessary for the increase strength and the reinforcement of the torso. A three-month recovery period is necessary for each enhanced limb, while the most common side-effect is persistent headache-like pain, a result of the increased bio-electric needs of the strengthened myomer. Any additional surgical procedures on the enhanced body part are also more difficult to perform, while treatment and recovery time from any wounds to the affected area are double their normal length.[1]


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