Elias Jung

Elias Jung
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Feng Huang

The CCS Elias Jung was a Feng Huang-class cruiser constructed by and in service with the Capellan Confederation.


The Elias Jung was the first Feng Huang launched. The ship debuted in mid-3058 with the blockade of Sarna to support the invasion of Kaifeng by Warrior House Hiritsu. Commanded by Kong-sang-wei Tullio Kar until his replacement, the Elias Jung was responsible for blockading the planet Milos against SLDF interference in 3061[1] Elias Jung was little more than paper tiger at the time and required extensive overhaul, re-entering service in 3062. It was one of two Feng Huangs to survive the Jihad.[2]


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