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Elidere neighbouring systems
Elidere neighbouring systems
System information
X:Y Coordinates 279.94:75.95[e]
Spectral class F3V[1]
Recharge station(s) None[1]
Planets (implicitly at least 4)

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Elidere IV
Planetary flag of Elidere IV
Planetary flag of Elidere IV
System position 4th[1]
Jump point
10 days[1]
Highest native life Mammal[1]
Reference Year 3025[1]
Ruler Michael Hasek-Davion, Duke of New Syrtis[1]
President Jalson Hasek-Davion, Count of Elidere City
Capital Jasos City[1]
HPG (Representative) A (Precentor Gregory Killos)[1]

Political Affiliation[edit]

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Ander's Moon[edit]

The (apocryphal) 1989 computer game MechWarrior prominently features the world of Ander's Moon in its storyline. Ander's Moon is not mentioned anywhere else. The game features only altogether 145 prominent worlds from the BattleTech universe on its starmap. The map is slightly warped and the positions of the worlds often inaccurate, but the location of Ander's Moon corresponds with the position of the Elidere system that is not itself mentioned in the game. This suggests that Ander's Moon may be a secondary settled world in the Elidere system.

Within the game, which is primarily set in the years from 3024 through 3028, Ander's Moon is described as a mostly agricultural backwater world with fifty million inhabitants. The environment is closer to desert than to jungle.

The world was colonized "centuries ago" by the Vandenburg and McBrin families and was rewarded with a dukedom by Prince Davion for the valor of its warriors in the succession wars. Upon the death of the old duke, the new duke is elected by the Council of Representatives and anointed with oil from the sacred Chalice of Herne, an ancient artifact from old Terra that had come to symbolize the office of duke. The title has thus passed between Houses Vandenburg and McBrin over the centuries, creating a bitter rivalry. On March 1, 3024, duke Cameron Vandenburg's castle was assaulted by the Dark Wing as part of Operation Inroad and he and his family were killed, save for his son Gideon Braver Vandenburg. The game puts the player in Gideon's place, tasked with tracking down the Dark Wing and the Chalice of Herne by April 8, 3028.

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Planetary Info[edit]

Geographically, Elidere IV is a rather small and drab world. It possesses several modest deposits of oil and metals that provide the resources for the planet's metals industry. The largest manufacturer on planet produces agricultural vehicles for the planet's farming industry.[1]

In 3022 Hanse Davion installed Michael Hasek-Davion as the world's noble ruler after the previous ruling family was wiped out in a DropShip accident. Located in the Draconis March, the assignment of Hasek-Davion as the ruler was suspected as a means of reducing his political power. This was backed up by Hanse Davion's request for some of the elite forces of the Capellan March to garrison the world.[1]

Military Deployment[edit]


Nearby Systems[edit]

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years)
Closest planets first:
Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
Misery 10.78 1 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Thestria 11.70 1 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Bergman's Planet 14.13 1 FS FS DC DC DC DC DC
Harrow's Sun 18.92 1 FS FS DC DC DC DC DC
New Aberdeen 23.33 1 FS FS DC DC DC DC DC
Glenmora 23.86 1 FS FS DC FC FC FC FC
Benet III 24.91 1 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Barlow's End 27.99 1 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Fairfield 31.32 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Huan 33.60 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Gandy's Luck 34.59 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Tallmadge 34.65 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Udibi 37.04 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Cassias 38.27 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Crossing 39.50 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Igualada 39.97 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
An Ting 40.58 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Sakhara V 42.39 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Wapakoneta 42.54 2 FS FS DC DC DC DC DC
Hoff 42.72 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Tishomingo 46.85 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Marlowe's Rift 47.19 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Lima 49.81 2 FS FS DC FC FC FC FC
McGehee 50.86 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Bettendorf 52.81 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC
Matsuida 53.48 2 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Dahar IV 56.34 2 FS FS FS FC FC FC FC


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