Elise MacTaggart

Elise MacTaggart
Born 3033
Affiliation ComStar
Precentor ROM

Elise MacTaggart (born 3033[1] - died 3???) served as ComStar's Precentor ROM during the later half of the Word of Blake Jihad.


Inspired by the Com Guard's heroic stand against the Clans at the Battle of Tukayyid, MacTaggart chose to join the now secular organization in its aftermath. Disappointed when she was not selected to join the Guard, MacTaggart's quick wits and keen analytical mind brought her to the attention of the new Precentor ROM Victoria Parrdeau and earned her a position as an intelligence analyst in the secular ROM. [1]

Taking solace in the fact that if she could at least help the Com Guards if not fight beside them, MacTaggart narrowly escaped capture by Blakist ROM agents and fled with important intelligence archives when Terra fell to the Word during Operation Odysseus. As the secular Order's intelligence agency rebuilt, MacTaggart would work closely with Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht and Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion during the planning stages of Operations Bulldog and Serpent. [1]

Continuing to perform her duties even during the maelstrom of the Jihad, a horrified MacTaggart would learn the depth of her superior's sympathizes to the Blakists when Parrdeau assisted in the crippling of the secular ROM and the assassination of Primus Sharilar Mori in October 3068. It was in the wake of these events that new Primus Gavin Dow selected MacTaggart as the new Precentor ROM and gave her the unenviable job of picking up the pieces of ComStar’s shattered intelligence agency. [1]

Parrdeau's betrayal inspired in MacTaggart an almost extreme hatred of all things Blakist, driving the iron willed woman onward, while at the same time causing her to question her own abilities, that Parrdeau had singled her out years before not for her talents but as part of an effort to hinder and cripple ComStar's effectiveness. [1]


Preceded by
Victoria Parrdeau
Precentor ROM of Comstar

Succeeded by


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