Elizabeth O'Bannon (CCG - Arsenal)

Rarity: Rare

Elizabeth O'Bannon
3+2T Elizabeth O'Bannon CCG Arsenal.jpg
Command - Unique - Inner Sphere
Pilot: +1 initiative, +2 attack

When you activate Elizabeth O'Bannon you may search your Stockpile, Scrapheap, and/or hand for Tanya O'Bannon. You may deploy and activate that card without paying its construction cost. This does not count as a deployment. If you search your Stockpile, shuffle it afterwards.

Watch out for her-Tanya's the mean one.
  — Elizabeth O'Brannon

• Co-Champion (with Tanya O'Brannon) of Solaris, 3051-53

0 / 0 Illus: Sam Wood
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