Emerald Talon

Emerald Talon
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Nightlord


The Emerald Talon was a Nightlord-class battleship built for Clan Jade Falcon and which served for some years as the flagship of Emerald Talon Assault Naval Star. The Emerald Talon and the other ships of the Star partipated in Operation Revival, where it forced the surrender of Zoetermeer‎ in late 3050.[1]

The Emerald Talon continued to serve in the Jade Falcon touman throughout the 3050s[2] and 3060s,[3] and was one of the ships within the diminished Jade Falcon fleet to survive the intense combats of the Jihad.[4]

The Emerald Talon would remain in service well into the thirty-second century. During this time, it was part of the Jade Falcon invasion of the Republic of the Sphere, where it supported the attack on Skye. In the Falcon's second Battle for Skye, the ship fought the Lyran Mjolnir-class battlecruiser LCS Yggdrasil in a brutal duel in December of 3134. The Emerald Talon received a considerable amount of damage and was ultimately forced to withdraw from Skye.[5]

Defeated at Skye, the Emerald Talon returned to the Jade Falcon Occupational Zone where it took part in the Jade Falcon Civil War. The Emerald Talon served as part of Malvina Hazen's forces and was ultimately crippled by the Aegis-class heavy cruiser CJF Jade Talon in the final battle of the war over Sudeten. Afterwards, Khan Hazen ordered the Emerald Talon to be crashed into the Sudeten capital city of Hammarr as an object lesson to the Clan.[6]


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