Emil Varnay

Emil Varnay
Affiliation Terran Alliance
Governor-General of New Avalon

Rear-Admiral Emil Varnay was the last Terran Alliance Governor-General of New Avalon. Varnay was deposed during the Grain Rebellion of 2237, all but assuring New Avalon independence from the Terran Alliance.[1]


The Smolensk Incident[edit]

Before becoming Governor-General of New Avalon, Emil Varnay was Military Commander of Smolensk. Details are scant, but allude to an incident in which Varnay used excessive force in order to fulfill the orders of Alliance Colonial Office Representative Heinicke. Though his actions were too severe, military courts acquitted Varnay of murder and docked his pay by 50%.[1]

Grain Rebellion[edit]

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In 2237, while the Outer Reaches Rebellion was fracturing the Terran Alliance, the logistics required to feed the massive populations of Terra broke down. As humanity's homeworld was no longer self-sufficient, the Alliance demanded its colonies increase their support (regardless of the tenability of the colony). New Avalon, then under Governor-General Varnay, was obligated to send massive amounts of foodstuffs, enough to make viability of the colony perilous. Unwilling to disobey orders, Varnay increased the quota and before long had a large shipment ready for export.

This shipment would never reach Terra, and Varnay's collection would be his last act as Governor-General. Angry colonists stormed the spaceport and, despite heavy casualties, seized the shipments. Additionally, the colonists sabotaged the transport vessels, making it impossible to send further shipments to Earth. Governor-General Varnay fled the planet with just a few of his senior staff and the Vice-Governor surrendered the government peacefully to the protesters. Many of his family and those under his command sided with the colonists.

Emil Varnay was quietly retired in disgrace. Even centuries later, Varnay is still vilified, though in fact his actions bely his willingness to adhere to the letter of his merciless orders, not malicious intent.[1]

Preceded by
Governor-General of New Avalon

Succeeded by
Jason Hasek


It is very likely that Emils family who remained would go onto Varnay noble house that would come to be on of the ruling families of the Federated Suns until their downfall in the Davion Civil War


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