Enhanced Imaging Display


The Enhanced Imaging Display is a modular Heads-Up Display based on the Star League's Brain Wire program.[1] Forming part of the Clans' Enhanced Imaging system, the EI display is an advanced battle computer which simplifies the warrior's battlefield view with an enhanced virtual reality display. By combining sensor information from surrounding friendly units with preloaded terrain data, the EI display constructs a virtual view of the battlefield which clearly identifies all targets as friendly or hostile and allows technical data on a selected unit to be called up with a simple command. Besides removing the need to look down at cockpit controls and preventing the warrior from being overloaded with unnecessary data, the virtual display also presents a moveable perspective, allowing the warrior to change his point-of-view to observe any area of the battlefield from any angle.[2][3]

By the time of the Clan Invasion, most Clan BattleMechs were equipped with EI displays, although relatively few warriors had the Enhanced Imaging Neural Implants necessary to take the system to its full potential. While the implants greatly improved on the capabilities of the EI display, they were guaranteed hazardous to the long-term mental stability of the 'Mech pilot or Elemental so equipped.[4]



Item: Enhanced Imaging Display
Equipment Ratings: F/X-X-D/F
Cost: 400,000
Affiliation: Clan
Mass: 5kg
Notes: Interface; Integrates with cockpit systems; +1 to Sensor Operations without EI implants[5]


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