Enhanced Prosthetic


An Enhanced Prosthetic was a prosthetic limb altered to conceal a single weapon or tool and slip it past most detection devices. Based on the more advanced Type 3, Type 4, and Type 5 artificial limbs, these prosthetics were by far the most common type of cybernetic enhancement used in the Inner Sphere. Even then, the sheer expense and scarcity of technical skills necessary to install and maintain them left enhanced prosthetics largely to official government and military agents of the Great Houses. In addition, the mere thought of trading in perfectly healthy body parts for cutting-edge mechanical ones meant only a truly fanatical covert agent - or a somewhat expendable guinea pig - made use of enhanced prosthetics.[1]

Among the Clans, there was a general aversion to artificially enhancing the abilities of a warrior, although rare exceptions were made such as when a particular warrior's survival was top priority. The nations of the Periphery likewise rarely employed enhanced prosthetics, though this was more out of lack of resources and training than desire. Trying to acquire an enhanced prosthetic on the black market was virtually impossible.[1] An enhanced Type 4 or Type 5 prosthetic limb was available to all members of the Manei Domini, and in some cases they were superior to their Inner Sphere counterpart. The Manei Domin were also more advanced in that they could employ limbs, known as Improved Enhanced Prosthetics, which contained any combination of two weapons or tools.[2]

The following table lists all the various weaponry and gear which could be mounted in a prosthetic limb. Some items were restricted to which limb they could be placed in: for example, because of the jarring of everyday movement upsetting their delicate mechanisms and the sheer impracticality of their location, ranged weapons were not available for leg prosthetic.[1]

Enhanced Prosthetics
Ranged Weapons Melee Weapons Tools and Gear
Ballistic Blade Claws
Dart Gun Needle Holster/Cargo
Laser Shocker Electromagnet
Needler Vibroblade Grappler
Sonic Stunner Lockpick
Shotgun MicroComp


In RPG play, enhanced prosthetics add 25% to the base cost of a Type 3, 4, or 5 artificial limb plus the cost of the individual weapon or tool. Rules and stats for each individual upgrade can be found on their respective pages. Besides sporting a "bare" look, a Manei Domini enhanced prosthetic can receive a cosmetic enhancement to either appear normal (add +8 or +12 TN modifiers to spot the difference for limbs of Type 4 or Type 5 respectively) or to look intimidating (add +2 to Intimidation or Interrogation checks if visible to the target). Those limbs which have an effect in CBT play will be listed on their page.[1][2]


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