Enhanced Prosthetic (Lockpick)


A common tool used by field agents with Enhanced Prosthetics, Concealed Lockpick enhancements allow for the unlocking of most mechanical locks. In effect, the upgrade mimics the capabilities of a basic lock picking kit, minus the Vibroblade, with extendable picks hidden within the agent's fingers.[1]

As with other prosthetic enhancements, these were employed only by the intelligence agencies of the Inner Sphere with agents who already had a Type 3 or superior prosthetic hand. The Clans were too philosophically opposed and the Periphery too poor to make use of them beyond rare cases.[2] Among the Manei Domini, this upgrade was available to all agents with the necessary prosthetic limb.[3]


In RPG play, this limb has the following statistics in addition to all rules associated with enhanced limbs. It has no effect in CBT play.[3]

Equipment Ratings: C/C/D
Cost: 500
Notes: -1 TN modifier to Security Systems



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