Enhanced Prosthetic (Shocker)


These Enhanced Prosthetic limbs concealed a weapon within the agent's arms, in this case a simple Shocker adapted from the standard Stunstick. It could deliver a powerful stunning blow to one's opponent although it required a power source (micro power pack) to operate. It's ability to retract behind hidden panels in the arm or hand made spotting this concealed weapon very difficult.[1]

As with other prosthetic enhancements, these were employed only by the intelligence agencies of the Inner Sphere with agents who already had a Type 3 or superior prosthetic limb. The Clans were too philosophically opposed and the Periphery too poor to make use of them beyond rare cases.[2] Among the Manei Domini, this upgrade was available to all agents with the necessary prosthetic limb.[3]


In CBT play, each conventional infantryman equipped with a Shocker enhanced limb adds .04 to a platoon's damage value and receives a +2 to-hit bonus, however it can only applied to other infantry engaged within the platoon's hex and the sum of all prosthetic weapons must be rounded normally before being applied. In RPG play, this limb has the following statistics in addition to all rules associated with enhanced limbs.[3]

Equipment Ratings: D/E/F
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 0/3D6
Power Points per Use: 3
Cost/Reload: 250/-
Notes: -



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