Enrico Lestrade

Enrico Lestrade was an early 31st Century Lyran nobleman. He was described as a chubby, corpulent, womanizing man. He held the title of Baron von Summer. He was a nephew of Duke of Summer in the Isle of Skye region of the Lyran Commonwealth.

Character History[edit]

Baron Enrico acted as a go-to man for Duke Aldo Lestrade. Being the Duke's hands and in conducting tasks such deals with mercenaries and convincing others to work or do something for the Duke. Enrico had many dealings on Solaris VII, using his gambling and socialite parties as a cover. His most notable deal was the one to hire Gray Noton to hijack the Silver Eagle and kidnap the Archon-Designate.[1] The hijacking was his uncle's bid to put a stop to the future Steiner-Davion alliance. He was also sent to Zaniah III where he spoke to the Abbot of St. Marinus House. Enrico tried to convince Brother Giles, formerly known as Hermann Steiner, to return to public life.[2]

Character Note[edit]

Enrico's fate after the events of the Fourth Succession War has not been made clear.


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