Epsilon Aimag (Spina Khanate)

Unit Profile (as of 3135)
Parent Formation Spina Khanate[1]


In 3135 the Spina Khanate of Clan Sea Fox had suffered several attacks against its assets in the region of the former Free Worlds League that fell between the Rim Commonality and the Regulan Fiefs. These attacks had threatened a number of profitable operations operated by the Epsilon Aimag and prompted the Aimag to investigate using a combination of their Watch assets and contacts in the area. This investigation led to a pirate base located in the Kogl system.[1]

In September 3135 OvKhan Gar Labov brought the Epsilon Aimag into the Kogl system in the guise of a routine trade mission, and had the merchants negotiate to gain access to the Kogl markets; while the Sea Fox merchants were negotiating, OvKhan Labov led the various military assets of the Aimag in a successful hunt for the base the pirates were operating from, which turned out to be located on an airless world orbiting on the other side of the Kogl primary from Kogl itself. OvKhan led two Clusters of Sea Fox forces against the pirates in a two-pronged attack that saw the pirates flanked by lighter, faster Sea Fox forces and swiftly overwhelmed. The evidence uncovered by Labov of the involvement of senior members of the Kogl planetary government in the pirate activities was then used by the Epsilon Aimag merchants to negotiate for favourable trading conditions.[1]


As of 3135 the leader of Epsilon Aimag is ovKhan Gar Labov, known to pilot a Tiburon BattleMech nicknamed Deep Strike; more warrior than merchant, Labov was described as being more comfortable in his 'Mech or aboard the CargoShip Swiftswimmer than elsewhere.[1]

Composition & Assets[edit]

  • CargoShip Swiftswimmer, a Merchant Carrack vessel.[2]



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