Epsilon Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses)

Epsilon Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname The Stonewall Brigade
Parent Formation Clan Hell's Horses Touman


Epsilon Galaxy was created as a defense force for the Hell's Horses' colonies. Initially composed mostly of conventional forces and warriors who had failed their first Trial of Position, Epsilon was only supposed to defend colonies. On Kirin, Beta Cluster challenged two attacking Clan Smoke Jaguar Trinaries and destroyed them. One captured warrior described the fight as trying to punch down a stone wall and the nickname stuck.[1]

Over time, the Galaxy began to receive aging warriors, freeborn troops, and more advanced equipment. These new warriors added a great deal of experience and tenacity to the unit, and by the end of the Golden Century Epsilon had become a full second line Galaxy.[1]

After the Great Refusal the component commands of Epsilon Galaxy were stretched thin covering Horse holdings on Kirin and Tokasha.[2] In 3072 Epsilon Galaxy arrived in the Inner Sphere. It was missing two commands completely and the others were dramatically understrength.[3]

Dark Age[edit]

When Clan Wolf left its occupation zone in the 3130's Epsilon Galaxy took advantage of their absence. The Command Trinary took Tamar, while the Ninth Horde took Weingarten and Thannhausen. The Sixty-second and Ninety-first Mechanized Infantry Clusters skirmished with Clan Jade Falcon's Epsilon Galaxy on Cusset and Biota. The Ninety-first was defeated, but withdrew and secured Bessarabia. After they took Thannhausen, the Ninth Horde landed on Karston but the Rasalhague Dominion had stationed the Second Tyr Assault Cluster there. The Tyr Cluster was able to drive off the Ninth Horde. The Tenth Horde attempted to take Karson, but again, the Second Tyr was able to drive them off with heavy losses.[4]


As of 3059 to 3067 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Everett Amirault.[1][5]

In 3145 the Galaxy was commanded by Galaxy Commander Eusebio Lassenerra.[6]


Experts at defensive and close quarters battle. Uses artillery support.[1]

Composition History[edit]



  • Epsilon Galaxy Command[7]
  • Sixty-second Mechanized Assault[7]
  • 91st Mechanized Assault[7]




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