Eridani Guards

Epsilon Eridani Sarna March Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3054)
Parent Formation Sarna March Militia

The Eridani Guards were formerly the AFFS's Epsilon Eridani Sarna March Militia but after Operation Guerrero the unit defected and became Epsilon Eridani's militia.


The Epsilon Eridani Sarna March Militia was formed at the same time as the Federated Commonwealth's Sarna March. The world remained relatively stable and protected by the March Militia unit for many years. At the beginning of Operation Guerrero, several pro-Liao rebels caused damage and insurrection on the world. Despite these pro-Liao forces lacking any real support from the Capellan Confederation, the confusion they caused was devastating to Epsilon Eridani. In the chaos that resulted from several well-planned bombings as well as the dissolution of the Commonwealth, the planetary government was left with a crisis they couldn't solve. General Benton ordered his troops to find the pro-Liao forces, and three weeks of heavy combat destroyed the guerrillas. The local government saw this as an illegal act and demanded Benton step down. He refused, and the Epsilon Eridani Sarna March Militia then seized the capital city and arrested the governing council. Shortly after Benton was elected leader of Epsilon Eridani, he renamed the SMM unit the Eridani Guards.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Eridani Guards
Leftenant General Pierre Benton 3050-3057[2]


Composition History[edit]


Epsilon Eridani Sarna March Militia (Green/Questionable)[3]


Epsilon Eridani Sarna March Militia (Green/Questionable)[4]


Epsilon Eridani Sarna March Militia (Green/Questionable)[2]

  • CO: Leftenant General Pierre Benton


Eridani Guards (Green/Fanatical)

  • CO: Duke Pierre Benton



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