Erik Kerensky

Erik Kerensky (born 2997[1] - died 3072[2]) was a Star Colonel in Clan Wolf. Notably, he was a sibmate of ilKhan Ulric Kerensky.[3]


Shadow Brothers[edit]

Called "The ilKhan's Shadow" by many in Clan Wolf, Erik Kerensky was born to the same sibko as the Khan of the Wolves and eventual ilKhan of the Clans. Unlike his tall, silver-haired sib, Erik Kerensky was short with dark complexion and dark brown hair. Noted for holding strong but typically Crusader views regarding caste differences, freebirth warriors, and a literal interpretation of the words of Nicholas Kerensky, the two are considered to be close friends regardless of the gulf between their individual politics.[3]

Operation Revival[edit]

Holding command of the 352nd Assault Cluster in 3052, Star Colonel Kerensky saw action on Csesztreg, Rasalhague, Kandis, Sevren and Kobe among other stops with Beta Galaxy. He was likely wounded on Tukayyid, though some reports claimed that he had actually died in battle with the Com Guards.[4][5][6]

Great Refusal and Beyond[edit]

After the Refusal War against Clan Jade Falcon and subsequent sundering of Clan Wolf, Erik Kerensky would stay with the Crusader Wolves. He would gain the ear of his new Khan, Vlad Ward, offering the young Khan advice based on his interpretations of the writings of the Great Kerenskys. During this time, he held command of the 9th Wolf Guard Striker Cluster.[7]

In The Wars of Reaving, it is said that Anatoli Kerensky won Erik Kerensky's Bloodname in 3072. It seems likely that he may have died that same year.[2]


As of 3052, Erik Kerensky piloted a Gargoyle A.[4]


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