Erik Martens-Calderon

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At Age of 21 in 3076

Erik Martens-Calderon (b. 3055 - d. 3???) was the second leader of the Calderon Protectorate and the son of Jeffrey Calderon.

Character History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Erik Martens-Calderon was the illegitimate son of Jeffrey Calderon, the Protector of the Taurian Concordat in the mid-thirty-first century. Born as a result of a clandestine relationship between Jeffrey and Talia Martens, an officer within the mercenary unit Prey's Divisionals. Erik's Taurian heritage and his existence were both kept secret, with his identity known to only a small group of people including Baron Cham Kithrong.[1]

It wasn't until Kithrong announced Erik's existence to the Concordat along with the secession of a number of worlds to form the new Calderon Protectorate in opposition to the policies and government of Protector Grover Shraplen that the public became aware of Erik's existence and parentage.[1]

Prior to 3075 Erik remained largely out of the limelight, conducting a small number of interviews and only being seen in public infrequently at best, but in 3075 he began taking a more visible interest in how the Protectorate was governed. While many had cause to speculate during Erik's childhood about wether or not he had the desire or motivation to follow in his father's footsteps, his visible presence at an increasing number of briefings and strategy sessions along with him raising questions and providing options spoke of a growing desire to be involved in government.[1]

As Leader of the Calderon Protectorate[edit]

In 3074 Erik responded to the ongoing humanitarian problems in the Taurian Concordat by ordering the First and Second Taurian Pride into the Taurian Concordat to act as a rearguard while the Taurian Defense Force launched retaliatory attacks on the Federated Suns. Many within the Calderon Protectorate Military felt that the Taurians were justified in seeking vengeance against the Federated Suns, but Baron Cham Kithrong and the other officers within the Protectorate began raising concerns over the deployment when news of Taurian Defense Force atrocities against Federated Suns civilians. When Erik heard of the atrocities,[2] particularly the the destruction of a farming settlement on Hyalite by Taurian soldiers followed by the orbital bombardment of civilian industries of no miitary significance located in a heavily populated area[1] he recalled both regiments to the Protectorate,[2][3] although it was Baron Kithrong who presented the orders in public. With Erik taking an increasing interest in the governing of the Protectorate Kithrong brought him further into the government and passed him increasing amounts of information on and influence over Protectorate matters.[1]

From this point onwards Erik began taking his post more seriously. He underwent battle armor training, making use of a smuggled Asterion suit[4] although he chose to forego training as a MechWarrior. Erik's conduct was marked by a new air of seriousness and vigor as he begame more actvely involved in running the Protecotrate,[1] and Erik formally became the Protector of the Calderon Protectorate on the 25th of June 3080 after Baron Kithrong stepped down from the post of Regent-Protector.[3]

The decision made by Baron Kithrong to stand down was unexpected, to say the least; critics of Kithrong's announcement and the transfer of power to Erik argued that it was a symbolic gesture, and that Kithrong would remain the power behind the throne. In contrast to the opinion voiced by the critics, insiders who knew Kithrong or Erik took a different position, arguing that Kithrong had been impressed by Erik's drive and determination to become a worthy leader for the Protectorate, as well as his ability. One of Erik's early decisions was propose that the Protectorate act as arbitrators in the war between the Taurian Concordat and the Federated Suns, and that while the armistice was fostered by Kithrong, it was Erik who chose the various emissaries and dispatched them to Taurus and New Avalon.[5]


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