Erit Cluster

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Erit Star Cluster
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The Erit Star Cluster is a star cluster situated within the borders of the Lyran Commonwealth (as of 3024), described as "a tiny island of relative prosperity and technology in a rising sea of barbarism".

Though nominally under the rule of House Steiner, the Erit cluster was factually ruled by the traders of House Mailai who maintained a network of trade contacts between the Eritese systems and the Commonwealth as well as Periphery systems beyond the Commonwealth's border.

The planet Drovahchein II is located in the heart of the Erit cluster. House Mailai techs from Gharisport, on Drovahchein II's minor southern continent, possess the knowledge and equipment to overhaul a worn-out JumpShip, as they demonstrated on Renfred Tor's Merchant-class Invidious in or shortly before 3024.


The Erit cluster does not appear on any published BattleTech star maps. However, the developers have ruled that all systems within the Inner Sphere's boundaries have been mapped out, and the Erit cluster is confirmed to lie in Lyran Commonwealth space. It must therefore be on the maps under another name.

Its nature as a star cluster and its implied position in the general area between Tharkad, the Oberon Confederation and Trellwan leaves only the Dark Nebula area as a likely candidate, which is described as a largely unmapped area of space containing at least seventeen pulsars and numerous red and white dwarf stars; the nebula could conceivably encompass the Erit cluster, including its capital planet Drovahchein II as well. However, this ultimately remains unconfirmed.